Municipality of Anchorage

As a Planning Commissioner for the Municipality of Anchorage, he worked with others to review and approve the project for the Sullivan Arena. That facility was the largest Multi-Use Center in the state at the time of approval. 

Johnny and colleagues changed the ordinance on allowing overhead power lines to all new and some exiting power lines that were placed underground. He worked on the ordinance to develop subdivisions in avalanche areas and reviewed the comprehensive plan for approval and implementation. During his time on the commission, Anchorage won the award for being an All-American City in which Johnny received an award from Governor Tony Knowles for his work.


During Johnny’s time serving on the Planning Commission for Beaverton, Oregon the Light Rail Project for trains moving passengers from Portland to Beaverton was in the planning stages. A stringent review of corridors and Right of Ways for the rail lines access to Beaverton.

While on the Planning Commission he worked on a team to review zoning changes and decided on growth areas not yet defined. Beaverton had several major corporations who were in the process of expanding. Nike wanted to move from small warehouses city-wide to develop a Corporate Headquarters.

Beaverton’s growth required a review of residential zoning codes to allow multi families and the use of PUD development.

City of Aurora

Johnny served on the City of Aurora Planning Commission during the review and passing of the Aurora Places Comprehensive Plan process. The plan is reviewed every 7 to 10 years. The review is done to determine where development is occurring and where development should happen.

The Changes in the land available for development in Aurora is due to annexations and many other factors. The cost of housing and the availability of more affordable housing in Aurora have put development on the fast track in the city. Residential and Business filings for construction and development have put pressure on Planning Commissioners to spend more time reviewing and visiting sites slatted for approval.

We worked with staff and developers to ensure a timely review process and quick response to meeting deadlines. The City of Aurora Planning Commissioners is a trained and dedicated group of Citizens.

Eagle Bend Metropolitan District

Johnny served as a Director of the Eagle Bend Metropolitan District. While serving as a Director, he worked with others to manage finances and projects that the Metropolitan District choose to sponsor. He voted to provide funds to the three HOA’s in the Eagle Bend Metropolitan District. The project included fence painting and repair, landscape and flower replacement.

The District maintained two deepwater wells used to water the Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Course. The maintenance and upkeep of the wells was a priority. As a Director he made decisions to keep the businesses and homeowners aware that the efforts to maintain property values is key to the success of the District.

The Eagle Bend Metropolitan District supported Heritage Eagle Bend in placing a Traffic Light at the entrance to the community while working with the Ward Council Women to secure funding from the city and the Metro District, that project was a success.

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